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There is something extremely
appealing about getting married according to your family’s customs. Many Jewish
couples consider getting married as according to Jewish custom, but are
confused about what that actually entails. It is a fairly intricate process,
and requires ample planning and preparation. It is extremely fulfilling to have
a traditional wedding, and should not be taken lightly. The following is a
simple guide to a Jewish wedding.

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Halacha-Jewish Law-does not
necessarily expect there to be a rabbi present at a marriage. It is common for
rabbis to officiate weddings, however, and it feels much more religiously
spiritual to go ahead and use one. During the Sabbath that occurs before the
wedding, it is customary for the groom to attend service in a synagogue and
bless the Torah during prayer. This tradition holds the idea that the Torah
will act as a guide for the couple during their married life. It is also an
opportunity for the Jewish community to note the couple’s union, and properly
pray for and congratulate them after the Israel escort service.

On the day of the wedding, the
betrothed couple usually will fast and ask God for forgiveness. It is a form of
cleaning oneself before a union to another. Many Jewish ceremonies also have
the groom veil the bride prior to the wedding. The bride and groom travel to
the canopy, the Chuppah, with escorts. There the bride will circle the groom
seven times, and stand for two blessings which are read over wine.When it comes
time for the groom to place the right on the bride’s finger, he recites the
words, “Be sanctified (mekudeshet) to me with this ring in accordance with
the law of Moses and Israel.” At this point, the couple is officially
married. The groom will then read the Ketubah (a contract of marriage) aloud to
his wife, as though he is offering it to her. At this point, she will accept
his Ketubah.

Wedding ceremonies are usually
concluded with a reading of the Seven Blessings, which praise God for being the
creator of people, feelings, and specifically the bride and groom. The couple
will then drink wine together from the same glass, followed by the breaking of
the glass by the groom with his right foot.Immediately thereafter, the couple
is escorted to a private room where they break fast together. This event is
imperative to a Jewish ceremony, as it significantly symbolizes their entrance
into marriage together.The fun comes after this, and is the most culturally
known part of the wedding-the reception. This is a time for music, dancing,
eating, and rejoicing and Tel Aviv Escorts. Many couples will play traditional Jewish music, keep
kosher food for their guests, and fulfill the duties of hosts at their